cartoon _exploratory testing






6 responses to “CARTOONS

  1. Natalie Hurst

    LOL! This made my day; this is so funny.

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  2. Peter Morgan

    It would be even funnier if it wasn’t true….

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  3. Actually, programming is an exploratory experience. Y’know, whatever this cartoon is trying to say I don’t think that I get it.


    • m4i3

      exploratory in a sense maybe if you dont know what you want to start with. though mostly programming is binary.


      • So when I write code, try to run it, get a compiler error and make a change that’s not exploration?
        When I write a unit test and then try to get code that makes the check pass that’s not exploration?
        When I decide on a pattern or structure and use that decision to influence the design of further code, that’s not exploration?
        How about when I code some UI and compile it to see what it looks like before I continue?

        I’d be interested to hear from anyone who knows the exact combination of characters they want in their program before they start it and never runs a single unit test or compiler or looks at the user-end of the product until it’s finished.

        It could be that we differ in our definitions of exploratory, so I’ll give a concise version of my own: design, execution and learning treated as mutual, parallel activities allowing the person to change their actions based on more rapid feedback.

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  4. Farb

    The humor is found in the manager/executive response wherein he’s oblivious to ‘Exploratory Testing’ as a practice and creates his own new combination rule based on his ignorance of two practices (Exploratory from Exploratory Testing combined with Programming from Extreme Programming) so that he can maintain his illusion of control, keep micro-managing and feeling self-satisfied.

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