Moron Musings

Mr.Azim Premji, says “Quality is non negotiable”. I would like to extend it as “Documentation is non negotiable in SDLC”.

Good documentation does not necessarily result in good software, Only in miraculous cases will bad or no documentation results in a good software . And then testers seldom belief in miracles.

“The acceptability of the idea increases exponentially with the popularity of the proponent as people rely more on the popularity of the proponent then the logic and merit of the idea.”

“Political  unity is inversely correlated to intellectual integrity ”

Repetition causes the illusion of permanency

“If you have not documented your SDLC, your software application will seldom create history and often become history.”

Gainful employment has everything to do with worship ,as Work is Worship ,in absence of work, worship takes different means of expression…..

To those who believe documentation in software development is done more for covering ass , would like your views on the rhetoric ,” Documentation is avoided by people who want to cover their incompetency”.

Majority though on the right where logic & discipline is on the left I prefer the things on left.

Those who avoid documenting their software are forced to support it , during  their vacation.



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