Renewal over Retirement

My motivation for writing this is that a tester should not just plan his retirement but also renewal as the testing role is fraught with side effects / occupational hazards which have a major impact on the testers inter personal relationships.

Without any malice/prejudice to the dev team, Good QA folks have always been looked down as inflexible, eccentric folks. May it be Deming or Juran both have suffered the ignominy of being stereotyped as eccentric and inflexible.

I have been practicing QA for over a decade and a half, during this period, I have performed hands on QA, done process consultancy for some real big names in the industry and managed very large QA teams, I have also been regional head for QA for the biggest of QA organization. During this exciting career I have had the opportunity to liaison with the end customer, the internal customer i.e the Dev team or the IT Delivery team for soliciting improvement areas, team member performance review etc., Also I have had candid conversations with the family members of QA folks their close friends etc ., to get an insight into the inter personal skills.

From these conversation a few key common feedback about outstanding qa folks were.

  • He/She is a perfectionist, a stickler for discipline.
  • He/She sticks by his words, he/she takes things a bit too seriously, lacks humor.
  • He/She is a fatalist is very direct and insensitive does not think how the other person will take it.
  • He/She is brilliant, he/she can do a lot more just that he/she has       to be more accommodative.
  • He/She is very bookish, what he talks does not work in real life.
  • 90 percents of the bugs logged are cosmetic, they lack meat.


Though quiet a few of the above are defensive reactions, yet there are few take away also. Though people make mistakes, many don’t like being shown their mistakes, Also when these mistakes get logged in a Jira or Qc it triggers a lot of unwanted defensive reactions. The outcome of which is that QA folks are the most hated and ridiculed folks in the organizations. I have seen CIO’s of an organization taking pot shots at the QA folks as a good QA team adversely affected his performance as he was equally responsible for delivery teams performance… My experience shows that QA is one of the few profession where people are usually ridiculed and seldom rewarded for doing a great job.


Due to the continuous organizational headwinds the QA guys remains Mr. Unpopular. As with any human being even the QA needs continuous dose of gratifications absence of which is dampening of morale. It is due to this unfriendly work environment, to keep his sensibility intact a QA person has to plan periodic renewal. I believe its more important for the QA analyst to plan periodic renewal to ensure they are in good shape during retirement…..


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